- Wendy and Marty before and now -

After losing weight, friends and family that haven't seen us in a while are shocked by our transformation. Because we see ourselves every day, the steady transformation is often hard for us to notice. That's why "before and now" photos are so important - we can assume compliments aren't genuine, but photos don't lie. Take pride in yourself when you see your own transformation with your own eyes!

Below are photos of my (and my husband Marty's) transformation. Share your own progress with the other listeners by e-mailing photos to along with your name and anything else you would like to share. We're all looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your progress!

Me and Marty at a wedding

Me and Marty, happier than ever!
The day we started our weight-loss journey

Here we are hiking our favorite mountain
The picture that will sink a ship

Me before my first marathon
Me and poop on my "ah-ha" day

Me and my two best guys
The food I used to eat

The so yummy stuff I get to eat now
This is me trying to get a hummingbird to land on my finger

Marathon #2 with my sister
Having fun at Disneyland

Just finished filming a commercial
This picture makes me cry

With my best bud