Dear Wendy,

I just found your Podcast Yell at Your Fat last night, and I am hooked! I'm currently on the path to lose a total of 80lbs, and have 27 of those down. Sometimes the 53 left to go seems so daunting, but finding things like your show help keep me motivated. I've been over-weight all of my life and at times it feels like that's just who I am. When you said "You are not your fat. Fat is fat, you are not fat." it really spoke to me.

I love your sense of humor and your down-to-earth way of talking. You say what you believe and what worked for you, but you don't preach or try and force what worked for you onto listeners. It inspired and uplifted. I played your episodes today durring housework, and I got more housework done then normal just because I didn't want to stop listening!

Thankyou for Yell at Your Fat, I look forward to future episodes!
-- Olivia

I've been listening to your podcasts.  I've lost over 100lbs myself, and I think you hit the nail on the head about a lot of issues. 

I just subscribed, because it's one of the most realistic, down to earth podcasts I've ever heard.  It helps keep me on track to start my day listening to it on the way to work.

As a non-vegan/vegetarian, I have to say that I don't feel like you only speak to those that are.  I don't feel pressured to stop eating meat when I listen.


Amy in Ohio - a new big fan

Hello Wendy:

I’ve been an avid listener of ‘Inside Out Weight Loss’ and ‘Reasonable Diet’ on itunes.  You were recommended when going to their sites, which is how I found you. And, lucky I did!  You are such an inspiration. 

I have been stuck at an unbearable weight for some time and I keep starting an exercise program / diet and I always fall back into my old habits.  I travel extensively for work (aircraft sales) and live in Dublin, Ireland (after being transferred here from NYC.)  The lifestyle is much different than NY, where I could hit the gym at lunch not to mention that you walk everywhere.  It’s much more sedentary here and the constant rain, wind, darkness compounds the desire to stay in when I get home. Which, I’ve used as an excuse long enough.

You have inspired me to get out there!  I can lose these 30lbs if you can lose 139!!  That is so amazing!  I have been whiny, depressed, angry  long enough – I can certainly do something about it (with your inspiration!)  I got my act together and hit a spin class last night at the gym.  A first in two years!! 

Thanks for your wonderful, uplifting podcasts!  Your easy laugh, hilarious songs, and FANTASTIC RANT AT YOUR FAT is moving me along. 

Thanks, again!!



Hello.  This is NCN (Jason) from over at No Credit Needed ( and No. Calories Needed (  I've been blogging about personal finance for more than 3 years, and I just recently started (in earnest) blogging about my weight loss.  Recently, on my personal finance site (which has a larger audience than my weight loss site) I mentioned your podcast, Yell At Your Fat.

I really want to thank you for your 'cast.  As I type, I've lost 14 of the 90 pounds that I plan to lose.  My start day was September 29, 2008 - and I've been focused, focused, focused since that day.  With three kids and a wife, I want to be around for as long as possible, to take care of them, watch the kids grow up, and live a long, happy life w/ my wife.  Your 'cast rocks, I love the way that you mix humor w/ wisdom, and if you ever need a Digg or Stumble, feel free to contact me.  Oh, and I love the songs!!!  (I also left a review w/ Itunes.)

Thanks again for the hard work,
NCN (Jason)


I'm glad that some of my readers are clicking through... I know they'll dig the 'cast.

Just a quick bit of background...

My wife and I have 3 kids... In April of 2005, I started my main blog, (No Credit Needed) to track my debt reduction... I focused, focused, focused, and in 10 months, I was debt free...


In early 2007, I started another site,, to track my weight loss... BUT, I did NOT have the same "fire"... know what I mean? ... UNTIL... September 29, 2008.... I don't know what happened, but a "flip" was switched.. and I started approaching weight reduction, just like I did w/ the debt reduction...

I created a plan, I set goals, I tracked my progress, and I got to working...

As of today, 49 days later, I'm down... let's see... 15.6 pounds... w/ 74.4 to go....

(You can see all of my sites, etc.. here...

Anyway, I really liked your 'cast, and your attitude, and I'm glad I could send some listeners your way.... (I actually have a podcast too, but I only do it once in a great while.... and w/ nowhere near the production you have...  and no singing :) )

Hope all is well, and I look forward to the next 'cast...



Hearing your comments about fresh blueberries going bad so quickly
made me want to share with you my discovery of storage containers made
by Rubbermaid that are designed to store veggies better. The Produce
Savers ( allow me to keep blueberries and rasberries fresh for weeks at a time. I don't know if they use a special plastic or if the little
tray and vents are all that are needed. I have found they are
particularly good for keeping mushrooms from going mushy and herbs
fresh. I can keep a bunch of different herbs together in a large one
by layering paper towels between each kind.

You should see my fridge. It's just a bunch of these stacked on top
of each other, filled with veggies and herbs.

I am just starting my journey. I am 51 years old and reached my high
point of 308 at the end of last year. I didn't seriously start trying
to loose weight until 3 months ago when I joined Curves. Two months
ago I started Jenny Craig, for pretty much the same reason as you -
portion control & planned eating. I have already reached the point
where the quality and types of food are becoming a challenge but I am
sticking as closely to it as I can because I don't think I've
internalized the lessons completely yet. I've also latched onto a
good Jenny councilor and want to get her support for a while longer.
My immediate goal is to loose 15 pounds in order to be reevaluated as
a candidate for LAP Band surgery instead of the full bypass. My long-
term goal is 175 pounds. I suspect you considered weight-loss surgery
at some point I will be interested to hear, in some future podcast,
what made you reject it. I think it will be important for me because
I have been so overweight my whole life so I don't have good habits to

So, thanks so much for your podcast. I am looking forward to #3

"Dogs believe they are human. Cats believe they are God."