Karin Rocks idea Sat 10/11/2008 10:31 AM

Hearing your comments about fresh blueberries going bad so quickly made me want to share with you my discovery of storage containers made by Rubbermaid that are designed to store veggies better. The Produce Savers ( allow me to keep blueberries and rasberries fresh for weeks at a time. I don't know if they use a special plastic or if the little tray and vents are all that are needed. I have found they are particularly good for keeping mushrooms from going mushy and herbs fresh. I can keep a bunch of different herbs together in a large one by layering paper towels between each kind.

You should see my fridge. It's just a bunch of these stacked on top of each other, filled with veggies and herbs.

I am just starting my journey. I am 51 years old and reached my high point of 308 at the end of last year. I didn't seriously start trying to loose weight until 3 months ago when I joined Curves. Two months ago I started Jenny Craig, for pretty much the same reason as you - portion control & planned eating. I have already reached the point where the quality and types of food are becoming a challenge but I am sticking as closely to it as I can because I don't think I've
internalized the lessons completely yet. I've also latched onto a good Jenny councilor and want to get her support for a while longer. My immediate goal is to loose 15 pounds in order to be reevaluated as a candidate for LAP Band surgery instead of the full bypass. My long-term goal is 175 pounds. I suspect you considered weight-loss surgery at some point I will be interested to hear, in some future podcast, what made you reject it. I think it will be important for me because I have been so overweight my whole life so I don't have good habits to recapture.

So, thanks so much for your podcast. I am looking forward to #3


"Dogs believe they are human. Cats believe they are God."
   Angie Podcast Thu 10/16/2008 9:17 PM
Hi Aunt Wendy! I just subscribed to your podcast today and listened to all 3 of them today. You are such an amazing person and I think the podcasts are amazing! I can't wait to hear the next one. I cut out meat and dairy from my diet a short 12 days ago and I have already lost 9 lbs (results not typical...right!!!) I have sooo much more energy and i cant believe how great i feel, i am so excited about my new way of life! And am so excited to share my journey with you and your listeners. I also love hearing stories about my aunts

   Kimberly W. THANK YOU Tue 10/28/2008 9:02 AM
Dear Wendy,

I LOVE your podcast! I listened to all the episodes so far yesterday, and I am so excited that there are so many more coming. I want you to know that you are doing an amazing thing for those of us who struggle with weight. To have someone there who has been through it successfully is an amazing tool. So here's my story....

I'll be 23 next month, and I have struggled with weight since kids were old enough to pick on me about it. When I was in the 2nd grade I weighed 103 lbs, by the time I was in the 10th grade I was a whopping 220 lbs and I had to always order my size 20 clothes because they didn't carry them in stores. I also suffered from depression. When I was a senior in high school I got a job at a fast food restaurant, found guys to like and started losing weight. I think I lost weight because I wouldn't eat at work so I would not eat after 4pm. Also I was up around and moving instead of sitting down, so that contributed as well.

When I saw I was losing weight (and others (cute boys!) did too) it was easy to continue. I wouldn't eat much and I was careful about what I would eat, so it continued. In college I was down to 140 lbs and I could wear a size 4!!!!!! That seems amazing to me now, but I wasn't happy with it then. All I could see were my stretch marks and wish I was smaller. I seriously think that had serious body dysmorphia. I started slowly gaining weight back. At the end of college I got married (to the manager of the fast food restaurant from high school!) and I put weight on again. Currently I weigh 189 lbs (i just went and weighed for the first time in a while). I feel like crap that I've already gained over half of what I previously lost. There are few pictures from when I was 140, but I look so great. I just wish then I knew it.

I cannot continue to be this person. I know that I am young and I have the potential to shape my body in an amazing way, I just have ALWAYS lacked motivation (to do many, many things). Since I was born (the last baby) my mom has always been big. I don't want to be like that. I have realized that I have serious issues with food and comfort and not exercising is simply not an option.

My motivation now is that I love to look good. That sounds incredibly shallow I know, but as a modern woman I feel that I should do my part to give my man something VERY pleasing to look at. Also when I know that I am making the right choices daily all of these "perfect" women in magazines and on TV seem less threatening because I know that it takes hard work and I am working.

Last week I started a food diary and started exercising everyday. I discovered Yell at Your Fat yesterday and it was a confirmation that now is the time to develop permanent healthy food and lifestyle choices that will help me for the rest of my life. I want to be 140 lbs again; I know I can do it.

So thank you so much. I'm a treehugger like yourself, and have considered going vegetarian, and I am also a little goofy, so you and I mesh pretty well together.

Congratulations on your weightloss! Please keep this up; it means so much!

Kimberly W.
from Georgia
   Jason Love The Podcast! Wed 11/12/2008 12:16 PM


Hello. This is NCN (Jason) from over at No Credit Needed ( and No. Calories Needed ( I've been blogging about personal finance for more than 3 years, and I just recently started (in earnest) blogging about my weight loss. Recently, on my personal finance site (which has a larger audience than my weight loss site) I mentioned your podcast, Yell At Your Fat.

I really want to thank you for your 'cast. As I type, I've lost 14 of the 90 pounds that I plan to lose. My start day was September 29, 2008 - and I've been focused, focused, focused since that day. With three kids and a wife, I want to be around for as long as possible, to take care of them, watch the kids grow up, and live a long, happy life w/ my wife. Your 'cast rocks, I love the way that you mix humor w/ wisdom, and if you ever need a Digg or Stumble, feel free to contact me. Oh, and I love the songs!!! (I also left a review w/ Itunes.)

Thanks again for the hard work,
NCN (Jason)

   Jason Re: Love The Podcast! Mon 11/17/2008 11:30 AM


I'm glad that some of my readers are clicking through... I know they'll dig the 'cast.

Just a quick bit of background...

My wife and I have 3 kids... In April of 2005, I started my main blog, (No Credit Needed) to track my debt reduction... I focused, focused, focused, and in 10 months, I was debt free...


In early 2007, I started another site,, to track my weight loss... BUT, I did NOT have the same "fire"... know what I mean? ... UNTIL... September 29, 2008....
I don't know what happened, but a "flip" was switched.. and I started approaching weight reduction, just like I did w/ the debt reduction...

I created a plan, I set goals, I tracked my progress, and I got to working...

As of today, 49 days later, I'm down... let's see... 15.6 pounds... w/ 74.4 to go....

(You can see all of my sites, etc.. here...

Anyway, I really liked your 'cast, and your attitude, and I'm glad I could send some
listeners your way.... (I actually have a podcast too, but I only
do it once in a great while.... and w/ nowhere near the production you have... and no singing :) )

Hope all is well, and I look forward to the next 'cast...


PS... If you use twitter, here's my page... rock on...

   Stephanie (no subject) Thu 11/20/2008 2:17 AM

Hello Wendy:

I’ve been an avid listener of ‘Inside Out Weight Loss’ and ‘Reasonable Diet’ on itunes. You were recommended when going to their sites, which is how I found you. And, lucky I did! You are such an inspiration.

I have been stuck at an unbearable weight for some time and I keep starting an exercise program / diet and I always fall back into my old habits. I travel extensively for work (aircraft sales) and live in Dublin, Ireland (after being transferred here from NYC.) The lifestyle is much different than NY, where I could hit the gym at lunch not to mention that you walk everywhere. It’s much more sedentary here and the constant rain, wind, darkness compounds the desire to stay in when I get home. Which, I’ve used as an excuse long enough.

You have inspired me to get out there! I can lose these 30lbs if you can lose 139!! That is so amazing! I have been whiny, depressed, angry long enough – I can certainly do something about it (with your inspiration!) I got my act together and hit a spin class last night at the gym. A first in two years!!

Thanks for your wonderful, uplifting podcasts! Your easy laugh, hilarious songs, and FANTASTIC RANT AT YOUR FAT is moving me along.

Thanks, again!!


   Fitness Chick Hi! Fri 11/21/2008 7:43 PM
I've been listening to your podcasts. I've lost over 100lbs myself, and I think you hit the nail on the head about a lot of issues.

I just subscribed, because it's one of the most realistic, down to earth podcasts I've ever heard. It helps keep me on track to start my day listening to it on the way to work.

As a non-vegan/vegetarian, I have to say that I don't feel like you only speak to those that are. I don't feel pressured to stop eating meat when I listen.


Amy in Ohio - a new big fan
   Olivia I love your show Mon 11/24/2008 2:32 PM
Dear Wendy,

I just found your Podcast Yell at Your Fat last night, and I am hooked! I'm currently on the path to lose a total of 80lbs, and have 27 of those down. Sometimes the 53 left to go seems so daunting, but finding things like your show help keep me motivated. I've been over-weight all of my life and at times it feels like that's just who I am. When you said "You are not your fat. Fat is fat, you are not fat." it really spoke to me.

I love your sense of humor and your down-to-earth way of talking. You say what you believe and what worked for you, but you don't preach or try and force what worked for you onto listeners. It inspired and uplifted. I played your episodes today durring housework, and I got more housework done then normal just because I didn't want to stop listening!

Thankyou for Yell at Your Fat, I look forward to future episodes!

-- Olivia
   Kris Smoothie Story Tue 11/25/2008 2:31 PM
Dear Wendy,

I love your podcast. I am so glad that I came across it when searching on Itunes. I was looking for things to listen to while I exercise. I listened to your episode about making and eating smoothies. On my way home from the gym I picked up some light Silk soymilk, frozen strawberries and frozen blueberries. Wow, I made the best blueberry and strawberry smoothie ever. I couldn't wait to try the peanut butter smoothie that you had mentioned. I froze one cup of soy milk into two small containers. All day at work I looked forward to trying a soy and peanut butter smoothie. That night, with my two young boys and husband watching, I attempted to make a peanut butter smoothie. I have a small blender that you can buy from an infomercial. Well, I should have read the directions. After about 30 seconds of trying to blend the two chuncks of frozen soy milk, the blender broke and two chuncks of soy milk and chunks of plastic went shooting across the kitchen. Thankfully no one was injured in the process of making a smoothie. I have stuck with making fruit smoothies with NON-frozen soy milk. My boys go running everytime I get the blender out!

I would like to yell at my fat. Can I do that in an email???
"I hate you fat! I hate how you hang over the top of my pants. GO AWAY, MUFFIN TOP BE GONE!"

Thanks for the great podcasts!
   Deedee Hiya Sun 11/30/2008 9:07 AM
I recently found your podcast and I have to say that I LOVE IT! You are an inspiration. I've already been through the first 5 episodes and am anxiously awaiting the next one. I admit that I'm already feeling slightly sad at the thought of 139 episodes seeing fruition.

My highest weight was 336 lbs. I started my "journey" over 3 years ago and am currently at 260 (260.2 today, in fact). The past year and a half I've spent fighting myself over 20 - 30 lbs. I've gotten down to the 240s and been back up in the 270s at times. I'm finally in a place where I'm making peace with myself as a person and not just seeing myself as a fat person. And even beyond that, I can see my goal in my mind and am embracing it.

I've been a vegetarian on and off for the past several years and about 4 months ago took the plunge again. After listening to you expostulate on the benefits of veganism, I'm experimenting a bit and actually tried soy milk on my cereal and in my coffee this morning. It was great on the cereal...not sure about the coffee yet, but I'm not ready to give up yet.

It's really great listening to someone who really gets it, beyond simply the food and exercise aspects. Keep up the good work and thanks for all that you do.

Deedee in Texas
   Deedee Re: Hiya Mon 12/1/2008 7:37 PM

Thanks so much for writing back. :)

I will definitely look for the soy creamer next time I hit the store. I'm finding it extremely difficult to weed through all the products that contain dairy (it seems like everything has eggs in it), but I was able to track down some resources to help me out.

Can't wait for episode 6. Seriously, I've been checking ITunes daily the past few days to see if it was posted yet! You'd think I have nothing else to do. LOL

Life has thrown me a loop (or ten) this year with relationship catastrophes, so I'm really trying to focus just on me and working not only on my health, but a variety of other things is keeping me sane. So, again, I really am feeling tremendously inspired by your show and you are really helping me to look at things differently. Thanks for that!

   Ann Thank you Sun 11/30/2008 10:13 PM
Dear Wendy

Thank you for podcasting your weightloss journey! I appreciate your
candid advice and your offbeat humor. You really get me giggling with
your witty take on life.

I am deciding that it is time to have a talk with my fat (yell) and
tell it to go for good. I am tired of the care and upkeep it requires
for it to stay. I am scared to weigh myself. Do you think it is
terribly important to know this number? Do you think I can measure my
success of weight loss by how I feel and how my clothes fit?


Sent from my iPod
   Fitness Chick I have your waffles! Thu 12/4/2008 5:48 PM
One of my 3 daughters has a gluten free caesin free diet. I found Gluten-free waffles and they also had to be milk free. (Caesin is milk protein). I found "Van's" waffles, they are gluten free and dairy free and VEGAN! Vegan wasn't what I was looking foor, but they are. :-)

They have a few kinds, she likes the flax ones.

I'm not sure where you live....but I get them at Kroger. I haven't seen them at any other grocery store around here.

I attached a pic. I put them in the toaster and she LOVES them. I haven't tasted them, because I don't like waffles.

Amy in Ohio

P.S. I get lost ALL THE TIME. And so do many people I know who live here.... seems like you always wind up in the next state when you meant to stay in Ohio. It's always on the way home, too. It's like a cruel joke. :-)
   Melissa (no subject) Sun 12/7/2008 12:45 AM
Hi Wendy!

I'm Melissa from Connecticut. I love your podcast. I recently became vegan with your help. I feel great. Thanks! I just keep hearing your voice saying, "Why would I eat/drink something that is made to make baby cows grow?" It's like, "DUH!"

I love your crazy songs, "Stuff that Rocks," and your inspirational stories. The only weird thing is in "Stuff that Rocks", it sounds like you are saying "MEAT" instead of "NEAT." Sorry... just letting you know.

I heard that you were trying to find frozen vegan waffles. Although I love your idea of making your own waffles, I started looking around and I found a brand called "Van's" who make them. Some of their waffles are vegan, some are not. It actually says right on the box if they are vegan. I found them at my local health food store, and I also found them at my local Supermarket! I hope this helps!

   Melissa Re: (no subject) Mon 12/8/2008 1:58 PM
Dear Wendy,

I know you are busy so I'll make it quick. You got me thinking about those Van's waffles! I have been reading so many labels lately that I must have made a mistake. The box says Dairy and Egg Free, not Vegan! I read the ingredients and noticed "natural flavors" were included. So, I sent the company an email asking if honey was in the waffles I purchased. Hopefully they write back. That really would be a bummer!

One more thing... Your email made me cry. You are a true hero!

Thanks Wendy!!

p.s. I love Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's podcast, too!
   Carrie Love your audio show Sun 12/14/2008 1:41 AM

Hi Wendy,

Love your audio show :) I'm still working on my motivation to lose my extra weight (I need to lose 55 lbs). My hubby bought me a cross trainer treadmill for my birthday (I begged him for it) and now find myself struggling to get on it. I reach out to you for help :)

Your audio show is helping. I continue to listen and feel I'm getting closer to actually getting my fat ass on the treadmill every day, even if it's only for 10 minutes to start with.
Would love to yell at my fat on your voice mail line but don't have the courage so, here goes... FAT, GO AWAY! I'M DONE WITH YOU TODAY! YOU MAKE ME FEEL HEAVY AND TIRED! FAT, JUST GO AWAY ALREADY!

Thank you for continuing your dedication to publishing your show for those of us that don't have the courage or source of help we need. You are part of my base of multiple stepping stones. Thank you!

Little Elm, TX
Have a fantastic day,

  _'-`-'     )\
 (@--\ |--\ (`.`-.
     --'  --'  ``-'

   Amy recipes Sun 12/28/2008 5:20 PM
Hi Wendy,

I absolutely love your podcast!!!! I appreciate your sense of humor and I love your songs. I look forward to each new episode (any chance they could come more often, I hate waiting :)

I think it's great that you are adding new things to the website. It was fun to see the pictures of you and your hubby. You are both so cute (and thin)! I was thinking that it would be cool if you added a "recipe" section. You could put up your smoothie recipes (which i know sounded yummy but i didn't write down and haven't had a change to go back through to find them....)

Anyway, thanks for the inspiration, YOU ROCK!

ps How is your friend who is pregnant?
   Anuma (no subject) Thu 1/1/2009 12:46 PM
Dear Wendy,

Hi Wendy!

I love your show and I was actually wondering that are you going to podcast it just twice a month?

I would love to hear more about your transition to veganism and also marathon training interests me; I've run a marathon once myself and if all goes well I'll do it again in August.

I would also like to yell at my fat via e-mail (there is no way I'm gonna call you from Finland!) so here goes:

"Dear Fat. Yes, you there. I'm speaking to you so take that hand away from the cookie jar. Just step away, now. Well then, dear. It seems to me that you have stayed here long enough, don't you? Why don't you and your friends Fat, Fat, Mrs. Fat and Fat leave? Hmmm? Because I don't want to hurt you guys but I will if I have to. So, dear, go and take those cinnamon buns with you. Bye, honey! Watch your step! Bye bye Fat, Fat, Mrs. Fat and Fat!"

There you have it. I'll be 40 next November and my birthday present to myself is to get rid of 20 kg of Fat & Co.

Thank you, it's a great podcast!
   Vicky A. (no subject) Mon 1/5/2009 3:31 PM
Wendy--I found your podcasts on itunes just a couple of days ago & am racing through listening to the first 7. I love that you have a kooky sense of humor, like me. :) Love listening to your songs & your dad. He seems really supportive, which is great.

Today I found (yes, in small town Iowa) your light vanilla Silk soymilk; as a daughter of a dairy farmer, I can give it a thumbs up. It will take me a while to make the switch, but I really think I can get used to that flavor. Made smoothies today w/ the soymilk & berries-& my kids loved them. Wondered if you have ever heard of "green smoothies"? My friend introduced me to them, and my kids love those as well. They are all fruit, no dairy in them. Example: Blend 2 frozen bananas, 2 oranges, a cupful of frozen pineapple, water Blend & blend & blend some more. Then...add 2 cups or so of spinach. Yes, I said spinach. Blend & blend & blend some more till smooth. I was so skeptical at first (who wouldn't be?) but the spinach has no flavor at all-I guess that's why I typically use lots of salad dressing on it. This is a way to get your greens & not even know it. And my 3 picky kids really like them. I have also tried frozen peaches w/ good results. I have been told you can use kale, but that's hard to come by in the middle of winter in Iowa, so I stick w/ the spinach. If you use blueberries, the spinach will turn the smoothie brown, but it is still the same principle & won't taste bad.

I have struggled w/ weight my entire life, and after losing my grandma to a heart attack caused by diabetes & seeing my mom having lots of joint trouble & varicose veins, it is time to make a change--for myself & my family. I am a married mom of 3 kids, a nurse and a full time student. So you'd think I have plenty of good nutrition knowledge. Unfortuntely knowing it & implementing it are two very different things. You have lots of good ideas & I think it's great you are willing to help others. You are totally right about the weight loss surgery--as a nurse, I have seen lots of people who have had those surgeries, lost weight & then gained it back. It didn't fix the mental mindset we as heavy people have. Keep up the good work & helping us "change our minds". You are doing what lots of doctors forget to do--help you live your daily life & make good choices.

Looked at your photos & you look amazing!:)
Vicky in Iowa
   Cindy (no subject) Mon 1/5/2009 8:55 PM
I wanted to let you know that I love your podcast and have already left feedback on iTunes. You are so upbeat and sound so friendly that I feel like it's listening to my best friend tell me what I need to do. And, though I have nothing against doctors or nutritionists, what I really want is just someone who's been through it and knows how I feel when I complain about my thighs rubbing together.

I loved that you defined fat for us all. I was coming to grips with what I felt was going to be my destiny: a life of being overweight. Once I heard that *I* am not fat, *fat* is fat I just started seeing my weight in a whole new light. {Oh, and I thought my calves were the epitome of my being in shape and healthy and whatnot, too.}

Oh, I almost forgot (I'm rather tired while I'm typing this)... After hearing you talking about becoming vegan, I started looking into vegetarianism myself (again) and was meat-free as of January 1st this year. I've tried vegetarianism before - once when I was a teenager and was persuaded by my parents to eat meat again and again with my ex-husband who pretty much convinced me in a similar way. I know this is who I am and I will not be dissuaded again. I'm gone for good! Also, have been much happier since making this decision and want to thank you for putting the bug in my ear. :)

My question is: Is your husband a vegan as well? (I don't recall you mentioning that). My husband is a die-hard meat eater and I wonder: How I can go about making meals for the family without breaking the bank or sacrificing either of our eating preferences?

Thanks again! -Cindy, Syracuse, NY

PS. I hope this all made sense and such - I'm so stinkin' tired that I'm not going back over it and just going to bed!
   Erin G. (no subject) Wed 1/7/2009 10:33 AM
hi wendy :),

first off let me say that i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your podcasts! you are funny and smart and genuine and i find myself giggling through much of each episode. i also make up silly songs for just about everything and everyone but mine are more in the style of dr. suess (that is to say they usually rhyme, occasionally brilliantly, usually poorly, lol!).

an added bonus for me was when you mentioned you were vegan (YAY for vegans!) as i am also :).

which brings me to the issue that inspired this letter. please don't think of this as a warning from the vegan police, lol, but rather just a heads up from a fellow health and weight conscious vegan.

i noticed that you mentioned how yummy the banana bread weight control quaker oats were but when i checked the nutritional info i noticed a couple of things:

1) they are not vegan as they contain whey protein and
2) they have MORE calories and twice as much fat as the usual flavored instant oat packets such as apple cinnamon.
3) they are sweetened with artificial sweetener.

please keep the awesomely informative and entertaining podcasts coming!! i really look forward to each new episide and i make it a point to recommend your podcasts to anyone i think might be interested.


erin g.
kent, WA
   Eileen Your Podcast - Recipes Thu 1/8/2009 7:30 AM
Hi Wendy!

I LOVE your podcast! You are so funny and so helpful. Your dad is great too! I don't need to lose weight, BUT I am trying to eat much healthier and maintain my weight. So your podcast has been very beneficial for me too.

In an earlier episode you talked about a peanut butter/soymilk smoothie that you made. It sounded delicious! I didn't write down what you put in it, thinking you would have it in shownotes but I don't see any. Could you let me know how you make that? Perhaps you could post any recipes you mention on your show in shownotes? Thanks!

Appleton, Wisconsin
   Sara your podcast is awesome Sat 1/10/2009 7:59 PM
I LOVE your show.

During the first episode, however, I was sitting there thinking, "This great and all, but of course she's going to have your typical food-related advice that involves "lean cuts of chicken" and "yogurt" and all that crap... The usual..

But then you said the V-word.. and I was like, SCORE!!!! Another VEGAN!!!!!! :)

Anyways, your show is awesome in itself, but it just makes me happy to know there is a fellow vegan doing such a great show.. I hope you influence lots of people who might not have considered it before.

AND.... I love knowing that there will be 139 episodes.. so many times with podcasts, people just disappear off the face of the earth and it's like, wait!! Why did you take away the podcast!? So it's nice to have the security of knowing that yours will be with us for quite some time. :)

On a personal note, congratulations on everything you've done!!

And thanks again!

   Suzanne Hello from Cape Cod MA Sat 1/10/2009 8:22 PM
Hi Wendy! I just want to tell you that I'm listening to you from (snowy) Cape Cod Massachusetts. My partner and I found your podcast on the iTunes store and we absolutely love it. We're on Podcast #5 and I can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate your advice, tips and goofy stories! We listen to you while we're in the car and around the house, etc. We've struggled with weight issues for a long time and now is the time to finally get serious, make a firm commitment and follow through with a good food exercise plan.

Your podcasts are wonderful. We plan to listen to all 139 while we are losing our fat and gaining our new lives.
Thank you for all your efforts to help all of us.

Suzanne from Cape Cod
   Patricia More podcasts Mon 1/12/2009 9:22 PM
Hey Wendy! When are you going to have more podcasts for us to enjoy???? I thoroughly enjoy listening to you!
   Trudy Sabotage Mon 1/12/2009 10:40 PM
Hi Wendy,

Love your show! Love your songs. Would love to hear more about Pickles and also see some pics of you, Pickles, your dad and your husband. They are beginning to feel like part of the family.

Just a quick suggestion if you haven't already discussed this topic.

Sabotage - How to fight back!

I always have people saying "oh go on just have one bite, or come on, you're no fun etc. I'm sure you know what I mean. Even my husband says stuff like, take a break today, just have a bowl of ice-cream with me etc. I'm fairly good at saying no thanks, but there may be lots of your listeners who are not sure what to do in this situation

I would love to hear your stories about how you tackled this issue.

Thanks Wendy. You ROCK. Perhaps you could count yourself as "stuff that rocks" one day.

Kindest regards

   Aurelie Just the motivation I was... Mon 1/19/2009 6:28 PM
I just discovered your podcast a couple of days ago and I have been listening to them compulsively. I have decided for the first time in my life to lose these extra pounds... I have ignored the problem for years (and probably stupidly to contradict my mother who's been nagging me for years about the issue). This time, I'm gonna lose those pounds for myself, not because someone else asked me to. I have decided to stick to my goal. Your podcast is a great help because it is so positive. You are a great help. Somehow hearing your advice every week also prevents me from giving up. It is easy to just fall back into a routine

Thank you so much for your positive attitude!
   Sean RE: thanks Tue 1/20/2009 4:28 PM

Yes, it's true, I really do like the podcast. For one thing, it's comforting to realize that there ARE other people out there who almost can't make it through a sentence without laughing! It's also nice to have a podcast that is informative AND funny. Seems like sometimes it's either-or, so it's refreshing to get both in one show!

I too, am a vegan. I think that my absolute favorite product (although it is kind of an acquired taste) is Nutiva's Hemp Protein + Fiber. I HATED it at first! Iíve gotten to really like it, and the stuff is packed with protein and fiber. I think in one serving it's like 11 g protein, and I think 14 grams of fiber.

The worst product I've ever tried was something called Raw Power. It's a raw food powder. Not sure if it's supposed to be a meal replacement or just a supplement, but it is the most disgusting thing I've tasted in my entire life! I made the mistake of buying 4 jars of it at once before even trying it. After one try, I tossed the rest of it. What a waste of money! I couldnít stomach that stuff, and I don't think that the Geneva Convention would allow that kind of torture. Yuck.

Well, once again, thanks for the podcast. I'm always looking forward to new episodes!

Sean in Death Valley, CA